Manage all
your files
from one place.

Sort, organise, retrieve and access your personal or workplace files from a single dashboard, wherever they are stored within your Windows system.

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Memories matter.
Rediscover yours
with Mastersort.

Got lots of treasured photos or other files buried somewhere in your system? Mastersort can help you rediscover and organise them so you can find them quickly and easily in the future.

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Beware the file pile!


Desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras. The more devices we use, the more files we create - and the more we need to get them sorted.

In today's multi-device environment our files can end up in many different locations, folders and formats. It can all get a bit confusing but if we ignore it we will find it ever more difficult to locate our files and run the risk of losing them altogether. The problem is that it's not easy to organise and maintain our files when they are stored in so many different places. That is, until now.

Welcome to Mastersort! File sorting software for Windows users.

The Mastersort 10 point solution

Manage all your important files from one place

Mastersort enables you to sort, organise, retrieve and access your personal or workplace files wherever they are stored within your system.

Build your own file library

Mastersort comes with all the tools you need to build a file library that will be good for a lifetime - tailor made for you, by you.

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Automatic sorting by key file data

Mastersort presorts your files by storage location, date and file class with helpful sub-filters such as different document types and photo modes.

Extensive file type coverage

Mastersort supports over 60 commonly use file types. You can easily add as many others as you need.

Combine local and cloud locations

Mastersort recognises cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. So you can manage your local and cloud files together.

Recognises most storage media

Mastersort works with hard disks, removable media such as memory cards, USB flash drives and CD/DVD drives plus devices or other computers connected via your local network.

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Automatic file updates

Mastersort constantly monitors your file storage locations and will update its records automatically when you add new files or modify existing files.

System and small files filters

Mastersort automatically excludes your system folders and other small files to help you avoid irrelevant files. You can easily disable these settings if you wish.

Enhanced file management

Mastersort makes some routine file management tasks easier. For example, you can copy or move files from multiple folders to a single destination with a single click.

No system changes required

Mastersort does not require you to move or modify any folders or files. They all stay right where they are. And of course you can continue to use Windows exactly as you do now.

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Designed for Windows

Mastersort is designed for desktop PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 7 or later.

Don't just get sorted. Get Mastersorted!